collected connections

can you get inside any quicker than this?
orange rays fading into darkness above
little frosted tips of the yard then you stand on a vent
letting the warm air rush between your toes
even as you pull the socks up higher yet the
collar of the sweater tucked under your chin
tiny nostrils deeply breathing in
emerging fingers whispering into the sleeves and
directing the hot air where to go
curling your feet under you and the fuzziness
only your smile can bring me out of the cold
needing to feel you near to the high temperature cloth
nestled on the last two inches between us
eager little furry friend who yawns because
cuddles are the only way to end a day this great
taking a moment to be grateful for this time
instructing the kitchen whats going to happen
offering you that great sauce and noodles you love
nineteen minutes, give or take a few,
should have been here with you long before now

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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