you are unattentively here

your arms would be awesome
on the occasion that you put them around me
using your lovely mouth to
argue in an ugly way around your thoughts
reliving the fun things that we would be
even better if you spoke about them genuinely
unable to stop joking with you after too late at night
nearly three years and
as we sit here on the couch watching t.v, watching or kissing
terrible as that sounds
there is not one thing in the world i wouldn’t do for you
evening is when we laugh and have seltzer water
nine times out of ten there is a
taste of chocolate or maybe almonds or raisins
in the air is the smell of turkey and miso soup
very silent except for the horror movie blaring off and on
enduring the end of the year
lets me have time for so many strengthening realizations
young is how i feel and i am not dead yet
heavy music pounding thoughts out of my brain
easy as it would be to cease to think
rediculous as we are we enjoy each other
each day is a new adventure

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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