unusual pictures show

until life shows you what to do
needing to find out the direction of home
under my eyes are the lids closed i didn’t know how tired i am
shining lights shooting down the nearby road
usually the last hours of a day are my favorite
as i move through this year i see new things clearer
love is something all people who feel emotions like me need
please do not forget how much i need you to
introduce a little passion into your life finally
coming outside to join the rest of the tiny world here
tempted by the legs you put before me
unable to control my tongue after all this
red signs all among the turns and
even the moon seems different tonight
sometimes you need some time alone just like i do
so the suffering of little minutes drifts by
how much confidence plays into it is amazing
off in the distance goes the road
when you only stop, to travel, when you find me

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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