be far

becoming the one so embattered
flash of cold air rising yet
far off beside these stars is a sad
young reminder of your net worth why
wouldn’t it be soon enough to be
happier, better off, in a reliable mood
when i get moody i want to return to me
but i’d not like it and i adore your
need but i feel so unworthy so
just kill the want to be in me like
you usually do and i am a fact by no word
so don’t feel like you have to listen to me
i put you first and mess up once more so
this is all very very not worth it to you
so what can i say what can i do i mean
this to you when holiness calls you up
keep open your mind when i am in ruins but
remind me that i am no stop sign
just forgive me or fly or get a grip
drop some nonsense orderly noise
deep trauma when i want to die off
caused in you with fundamental longing
i have limitless “i’m sorries”
you have limited patience
i have selective hearing
you have abstract thought

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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