smoky visions

making a choice to claim

a public and private independence

that the curious only see other people do

but the passionate have brought out in each other often

like a watchful eager hunter and user

when they see a cursor that means a weakness has been spotted

then you fly off like a raven that doesn’t care

when someone else was hypnotizing your significant other

because some spells have to be avoided

and others can be used to fight the good fight and

you have to know and recognize the difference and when to use them

and partiers are sometimes like children and the elderly

they must be carefully guided, slowly managed, and expertly maintained

unless they are the professionals and the rockstars

but even then you must know their strengths and weaknesses

as well as, if not better, than your own

and I peek around auras and sneak upon motivations

when I am guarding those few who made it into my

inner small social circle of energies

I am only using my skills to let everyone be exuberant

in this first blazing spark

in this giant swirling fire of celebration

I am sure you will hurt me again

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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