happiness glides around my house

miss niceness, she is so kind!

the blue of her rings and the red of her shoes

and these little sneaky kisses of which are food

and there are no windows to be filling up

with the suns rays and a shining smile;

what exists except the moonbeam of her touch

and the stars in her eyes each of the hours today

a song is playing in my head

that trumps all the sounds around in the blue walls now

and though the sip I have taken is sweet

sugar is not as kind as miss niceness

oh, nice is the rule of a grin

that has understanding while is has shown up again

like a mirror that is saved from being broken

like a black silk robe that can shelter the warm skin

from all the cold that is trying to invade it

pinned like the butterfly which can no longer leave

the heat devours both you and me

here is where we share our morning drinks

the steam of both our coffee and our tea

breathing in embraces like the curling steam

the movement and action is paused for one minute

as if a waterfall frozen in real time

zooming like an over full river

there is no stopping it;

our fish and our canine, our hands intertwined

you lightly touch me with two children, your tulips

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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