like snow

there is a danger in knowing the scheme
waking up without the
ability to know where you are going
and I cannot tell if you see
the troubles lurking in the
road ahead
and I know you think you made this decision
with the knowledge you need
but I am torn apart by this
captured minute that you think you understand
but each day is becoming
the torture that I have always wished to avoid
because the insults are
icicles jammed into my eyes
and the criticism is a pain
that I cannot pretend to maintain
but getting away with
just making it through each of these
one day at a time
is the selfish hurt I have never
wished to experience again
but yet here we are
making a choice less uncomfortable is the
truce you will never agree to
so I jump ship soon
if you cannot tell how much that
you are tearing me down
once more

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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