When there was a time for these
things we designate as worthy and that
Time is now. To prepare would’ve made it
Seem like what has happened was what we
Saw coming. I checked, there was no past
If this land had seen us coming. How can it
Be cryptic if it is the truth. Nothingness was calling
And we disappeared. Weren’t we the best we
Could be, if the worst times are right here.
I get more out of these little speeches to
Myself when I talk in a roughly translated way.
Parents train you to not speak your mind,
And teachers love them for it. But I will now
Be honest, and brutal, because I have had
Enough. I cannot see into the future, but
I know what I want. It is the best,
For me, for us. Putting up boundaries is painful,
But I have found my way out once again,
Life is only important if you act like you
Want to live it. Treating others well is a
Challenge but doing the same for yourself
Shouldn’t be. Trust me, I know. It only took
One day of heat and a night full of kitten
mewling, and all of us, and the house
Made five total. One protecting, one
Defending, one criticizing, one babbling,
And me silent at the center of it all.
Lovely singing and a waterfall sound, inside
My mind is peacefull tonight.

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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