rock ship

running a lost ship
away from the island where you feel at home
waking up and feeling the waves
made by a motion of
feasting eyes who know and wander
while we made baked goods of
strudel and pie when cold nights
keep us inside and content
there is a tree with decorations aplenty
and a mossy bit of corner
with plants around to keep company
we have been on this journey some time
and the weather seems so shocking in its storminess
when It seemed so
bright and broad and wonderfully lit
whenever it was we first
began upon it
the tales are told less and less
the cold seeps in from every drafty corner and open door
and there is more need to snuggle than keeping entertained
which moment is the perfect one to
prepare you from across the room
and make something hot to drink again
tell me if you believe our dreams are true
and if you hope the next sunset we can see
is the purple wonder
or a close relative
we, together, have seen so many times
so many times

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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