to see this forest
is brings its own scene
making a sound
like ghosts roaming around
and I know you remember back when we
went to the school so close
but now we have to get a new horizon
and the changes since then
are not as scary as the world we live in now
with the scars being given a way
to enter a brand new day
and I wonder if you know
that we both remember things differently than each other
and the growl of a beast
is where I am more comforted at this time
as I have to get a lot done
before the next days dawning
or else the pitchfork will do me in
and I no longer flinch when it stabs me
when you see this last second decision
to join the fight
it is not a last ditch effort to
struggle or flee
it is a sound choice
to pick up the pace for the final leg
of the race I made
to get a delirious joy
in the opening of minds
this time, free…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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