should’ve could’ve

make a move.
show me.
you didn’t really want any closeness or you
would’ve tried to discuss a problem or even
talk about a solution
or at the very least put some
effort but I could’ve shown you more and tried
harder if I thought you wanted it to last instead
of my money and my time when it was
convenient, you weren’t exactly the
kind to let that go, in the future I know we
would have been better but for that to
happen you needed to get over yourself a bit
more often; just like I know I should’ve
done so much more to improve my need
to be supported in my endeavors or to have
help at putting forth a few places, you could’ve
been at least giving me a little assistance
when it came to many commercial applications
of my work, but what mattered to you was
having your ideal amount of food in the fridge (none)
and your perfect amount of attention (lots)
and your right amount of conversation (none) and your
good amount of money spent on you (lots)
but now you get less of
any of me, because you were a
player’s player who said
to a devoted soul
who was unappreciated…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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