making a desk
putting my works out
the paintings of course for inspiration
the pen and paper because now
is the time I make you
see my way and make
a coming together of perfect energies happen
and I cannot think
of anyone but you
and I cannot leave
your side without waiting to
immediately return
and I have never been
wishing for
something to work out more
and I know
the bbq ribs are sticky on your fingers
the wine, as always, was sweet
and your hands taking off my sport coat
was sweeter
but I saw the moon
and I saw you staring at me
from the corner of my eye
and you confessed to this want
for warm loving kisses
no matter how dirty
our lips were
we drank a few cookie ice creams
and sang a little tune
and then I wished we were at home having the only
moment of peace today be4 passing out
and you said
lets do this same thing tomorrow

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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