not alone

a moon sits in
the confusion and Hysteria and sighs
and she sits alone.
the electric light buzzes and blurs
yet none of this blanket warms
and he sits alone.
the friends in one wooden room but
a cold wind shakes the door to her room
and she sits alone.
a little mess has turned into
one big clean up job to distract him from knowing
he sits alone.
the phone will not ring tonight
and there is no plan for when to begin sleeping
and she sits alone.
there are many ways to bum out the fuel
that keeps the brain chugging along painfully
and he sits alone.
this heartbreaking whirlwind of emotion
that takes control at the perfect song beginning
and yet she sits alone.
in these few momentous seconds in a place
where a blade or gun isn’t attractive
an yet he sits alone.
planets line up, the loudness softens,
the earthquake stops, they hold their breath,
they sit together


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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