face it

the field is there to wean these days with no stamina
to reach the top go every day
in order to keep an even keel, try harder
watch the eyes, keen eyes
there is no need for a real word
or a conversation you can understand
can you process what I am saying
or can you offer me a better deal
than hot brains like you have
and why are you even alive anymore
or using this crap to live
mirror them in the mind and in the way
that they act when you talk to them
reaction time counts when you make a pact
feels like you’ve been here
a long time and want to be but
don’t forget where you came from
wake early sleep early and
race to the angry moment of another
accomplished dream yet pay
for every single dime of attention
face every single one of your fears
play every single game you know of
greater places that get you far
like the one chance I always needed to have
or a sunset red with your amazing style and smile
shimmering off the snow that is our joined minds

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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