may 7, 2012

so many times

I asked you

asked nice

or even just sit there in silence

while you curled up and relaxed

and made the whole dream

had been your plan and it came true

and none of us

not you

not me

not a friend

not a tornado blown up

could let the present be the present

and the past be the past

I have to ask

if I showed up at your door

and asked you if you even wanted

to see me right now would

you let me in

 am I ready to be so nervous knowing

that I would never say

the right thing would the time be

just perfect enough that you

may get up the nerve

let me be me by showing me the real you

even though that makes it

sound as it a thunder strikes

the calming down wont exist

your insides are mad like

a woman with a broken heart

the sky is not falling


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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