Entering alternate life

effort matters if you have something to do or not
normal isn’t some idea that really matters anymore
tranquil times have now ended
eventually excuses are worse for wear
rediculous reasons we come up with for anything we do
inside a devoted number of people who
need to have a person who cares for them be very close
getting over it like a critical injury to the heart
access to my inner self was so wise
let your guard down enough to remember that hurt
take a minute to be where you were when it happened
everyone has at least one moment like that in thier life
redeeming my soul has been
not any fear of trying things the crazy way
across the miles i know that you felt me
telling you complaints is the only fear i have at home
equal right have never really existed
letting me know how much you care is all i need
it may never happen but i understand that now
for each day passing more of the mask comes off
ending every day wanting your love


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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