Aching conversation

after the pain has been delivered
can you fight your way through and get out
have there been times that hurt so much it can
intensify the inner life of those who have never
needed to go there, have no idea what they are
getting into and what do you think it
could mean and who would even care
or who would even miss you if you
never came around to see anybody anymore
veins of ache branching out so far like
every person’s big family tree
rhythm to escaping steps as if a rapid heart beat
stay as far as you can from those who used to know you
act in a way that can
take only what you want to project to the world
in your mind, soul, and heart
on the moment of existential happenings
nobody can bring you down except yourself


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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3 Responses to Aching conversation

  1. merzkehd says:

    Looks like in “intensify he inner life” a ‘t’ got lost to make ‘the.’ Other than that, a strong read with a great closing statement. Liked it! 🙂

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