Do not hesitate

There is a time before
This current experience where a
Few lasting events come back to you
And the ending of an era when we
Were all having a life changing
Experience at least once a day and the
Only time we were alone was when we
chose to be. It was an action packed time
Full of fun and adventure when all of the
Best times were piled one on top of the
other like a stack of pancakes or layered
when the great times happen like many
blankets laid upon the bed. When you are in
those years it can speed by so appreciating it
when it is happening is a vital component and
this is not something you want to look back on
and wish you had done. Listening to people
who didn’t appreciate what they had can
remind you of the need to be in the moment
and aware as these times become more
obvious when it counts, and after you
missed the chance to grasp the moment it is
Regrettable. You only get so many chances to
grab an opportunity, do not hesitate

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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