homing in

answering the demolition of a theory

of a long standing belief which has not

ever seen the view from on top of that kind of past

is like the story which practically writes itself

in the beginning but by the end

is a disjointed collection of ideas

with characters wrapped around them

stumbling through a few events

which push everything forward

and can not accurately define milestones but instead

roll along on a not bumpy timeline yet the instinct is to always go downhill

when the struggle is of course very real to those who aren’t as well off as the governor

who looks like he has never missed a meal while torn down people who exist without a

home are being vilified for bothering to be here at all

and the street is an uncomfortable place to live

but the biggest issue crushing people in the world today is

mental illness and it effects those who have it as well as those who care about or are hurt by those who have it and it is an incalculable adversary and money does not want a happy ending


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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