compliment stormcloud

Completing the circle at the end of this year,
Opening a package filled with pictures,
Making a meal from so far away,
Playing a game without rules or pieces,
Laying down no longer a guarantee of sleep,
Incentives to work harder fading away,
Many of the days this month seem way too long and
Exit just seems like a delay of the inevitable,
Nobody calls anymore and emails all from strangers,
Tearing up paper a display of cleaning house,
Summer was tough and so is winter,
Temperatures not even the important part,
Optional choices are sleep and food these nights,
Ridiculous people don’t bother us here,
Maybe we should escape more often,
Completely ignore the world for a day,
Let down your guard and do what you want,
Organize your strength and stand up straight in life’s hurricane,
Unless we love cool and kiss and trust,
don’t know where I would be without you

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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