when it seems impossible is
the exact time to carry on and if
you find the adjustment within yourself
then the reasoning can still stand, to give
in to weakness is what you do when
you decide that hate makes so much more
sense then you are not being truly
strong, you have to persevere and get a
better grip on a world we all live in
and let one disappointment strike
you so hard the you never really got
the message and a lot of misguided
souls have fallen for that so don’t give in
like them but instead rise up and find a
way to get above that disgusting fear that
guides this whole rat race and if you
ever find yourself beginning to slip
remember that even the purest hearts
can be tainted if they let themselves fall,
and even the best among all who exist
can be brought down if
they stop standing up for what is right

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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