confusion awesomeness

can’t you see the area arrives to us
on wings made of golden light,
now that we delay or stay and play,
from this moment forward,
understand that the bar has been set,
sounds that mean the game has changed,
it can also be like an uncomfortable sickness,
only worse because there is no escape,
not unlike a constant rolling toothache but,
always longer and more painfull and in your torso,
while the last days are here, lets just
evoke a few incredible memories to share,
stop doubting and work to fix a problem,
or count the days until the end of the calendar,
merge your previous thinking with a new found future,
empty your expectation vessel,
needless to know what your options are,
estimations do not help if you are already through it,
sometimes it feels like you save me,
sometimes it feels like you light that fire under me

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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