unconventional heart

under the skin is another suit of armour waiting
not a single wound can effect anymore
coming so far from an average life
over years of not being loved or cared for
not that it was ever important to the
very people i most hoped to be close to
each time i think i am getting near what i want
near enough to feel it then it slowly slips away
torture is this burning fire deep in my heart
its worse when what i want stays just out of reach
offering myself up and being crushed on the rocks
needing no time at all to be reborn
across the air are fifteen words then
launch out the door and get free
have to keep in mind the value of
everything i have to do to protect my joys and motivation
after all,
right when i was at the end of my rope i learned
the true value of self preservation

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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3 Responses to unconventional heart

  1. I relate to these words a lot. Well said.

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