if the crush comes down
you have to stay strong and
dig in your heels because
nobody knows what the final adventure is
until you are there and
by then it is very often far too late
after all
when you want to know the future
it still has ways of surprising you
but when you don’t want to see ahead
will be the time you wished you had and
the way of this dimension shows you how little we know
because no life is perfect and
no one departs without a show
yet when it is your time
it still comes across as kind of a shock
and the people who know you
cannot always predict how you are going to react
but the meaning of life is different for every person
also each day can show a totally new experience
if you know what to look out for
it is not that hard to face
each new speedbump or roadblock
once you look into the next few years
and see what you want
and then stomp that pedal

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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