does it matter

there are a million reasons that
can be found for avoiding doing what
should be done,
but if you get it in
your direction to do what is right, and
know your path
is correct when you might as well
just accept that you want to feel good,
that comes along with doing the right
thing as well as it helps you begin to have
the ability to tell if you are staying in many
of the boundries and then you know that none
of the options around you can stop you unless
your let them, and if staying strong in your
own values is that difficult then do not hesitate
to do what you have to
in order to toughen up and
grab on to those ideals
like a tree in a hurricane
and do not ever think that you
can let go,
you are bound together
permanently like a fire and a house
(giving each other damage)

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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