taking off

nevermind what you assumed
lets go with what you learned
there are only so many ways
and days to have to look over your shoulder
before it loses the ability to protect you
this day and age
people prefer to do only what they need to
or what they have to
not what they are required to by outside forces
while acting they way society says they should
they  are inside a sea of troubles and turmoil
there are ony so many ways to address that conflict
while the average person will not be as strong as you
plenty of times you will have to pretend to be one of them
or suffer the consequences
and after the knowledge of not reliving or revealing
who you are comes forward
then you should just know
that some want to know you and some do not want to know you
because they do not want to know themselves
when they just take from others
without doing the work
then that means the closest they come to being the inspiration
is being the thief

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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