Will you wake up? There are enough
People who are walking around as if in a
Dream. Eyes open but still numb and
Unable to give you a reaction without running
It through the filter of a worn down brain that
Can no longer see what it is like to get outside
Of themselves and observe what that is like.
When someone comes face to face with how
Much they live in a haze and are not aware of
The wonder of the world when the mind and spirit
Are fully realized, the change in how you are
Treated by the world and how you treat it is
Enormous and incredible. It is possible to
Have your whole approach to the world
Changed by a single positive influence, like a
Teacher who really knew you and what to say
And sometimes you can be that teacher, and
You can be the one to inspire, you can be the
One to positively impact someone’s life who
Really needs it. Do not be the one who
Regrets not being there when it
really counted

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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