storytime prose

when she wakes there is still a monster
and she has slain so many enemies she has
but this one is so comfortable she is suprised and says
who do you think you are because this land is my mind
and heart and body and i rule this now
more than i ever have!  and the beast laughed and said i shall conquor you easier than ever because you dont know your weakness;she scowled and thought and he grew ten times bigger
while laughing and saying i have now got you in my palm
as his hand crushed around her
she screamed and shouted enough!
after fighting all this time someone else,
i shall destroy you!
and she used her sword to cut and hack and
recieved bruises as she cursed and yelled
the terror said, you are through! as her ribcage crushed
she sighed in pain and said ‘thank you’
then the monster yelped with agony and said arghh!
how could you know that i am your weaknesses?
and shrunk half the size after that she replied
i thank you for showing me my demons,
and he grunted with hurt as he was her size now and
he said, how? but she was already speaking
saying now i will ask my friends for help with these self-
doubts and these wounds and the beast curled up
with pain and scowled how?
and she replied, and at this moment i will ask every friend for thier advice and support and lean on them even though i may not feel i need thier help, and he then was lowered to knee
level and said ‘somehow…somehow you knew. your reaching out for the help you didn’t think you needed was saving a person from the demon they had and your asking for assistance from that person saved them from the self-
hatred that was haunting them and by thanking someone for being there you may have rescued them from depression.
and thus was she saved by asking, and as her private demon
died her eyes were opened just like the layers of the walls she had built up around herself over the years…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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