passionate disease

put your hands in mine
and lets get ourselves up out of here
some of what happened just might be at fault
sliding down the river-covered mountain recklessly
in my mind representing my ambitions
on my heart the symbol of dedication
nominating myself for the craziest year award
and when it hurts and you begin to doubt then just
take some time to change what is in your brain
every day is a brand new universe yet
don’t you ever forget there are people who’d do anything for you
issued a few songs that explain every single thought
stamped on the last door you wanted closed
energies can tell you as much as a conversation
after you see through people not much surprises anymore
so step forward and kick butt at your life
every minute is yours to claim, so just do that!

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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