distracted permission

don’t tell me what to do because
it isn’t like we have never been here previously
stomping around town late at night
today is the final month before we could
really start to have a full pantry once
again and the sun will take its time sliding out of sight
culminating inside of a warm oven full of bread
those are the instances when it seemed too right
every time we embrace my heart takes flight
doing that dance that makes you happiest
perhaps followed by that dinner you like
emitting the smell that no person can resist
roasted veggies and garlic to a slow jazzy beat
maybe the song will last long enough this time
inclined notes as i hope to be in your century
submission caused by the effort of the quickness already
still cant get enough of you after a thousand days
incidents that make me smile at you happen often
off switch has been broken ever since we met
nothing means as much as time with you

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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