up there

why was the information
seeming forever hard to see unless
you fight to pretend that the
fear you have known before
is off of the once and future times
that the important plan you saw is here
where you knew that the
fitting realm suprised you out of nowhere
but i assume you kept a bit
of all the discussions had since
and once you
recognize how the clouds come in
after a few of these make-
shift realms keep on putting out
needfull dreams
and far from the hills
we hiked when we were young
after all the bottles and conversations
were empty but
while a long path to overnight
makes the dawn almost here
white sunbeams made to
straight up the rocks whenever
we weave a few songs often together
fight against the hours of
tedious society showing the
common residence of a place to
hide from but a lot of thinking about
ten thousand seconds that can
make or break your
but like i learned back a bit ago
beasts (such as dogs)
like tons of attention but do not
want to be overloaded,
as most of us are,
as many of us will always be

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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