final sunset of the season

for many a month did
i miss your conversation and even when
nobody was around to hear our jokes
as convenient as this whole
life can seem we still show our claws as
sliding my eyes around the wintery scene
under the disguise of layers does my hungry skin hide
nearly none of the minutes are going by slow
sunshine and stars surf the snowbanks
empty out my pockets and jump into the tub
taking the path of most resistance
only now are my eyes really open to see
found a friend i thought was forever lost
the first words into our minds
had nothing to do with the first words out of our mouths
emotions are the lava rushing down the
side of the rocks
evenually joining up with the calm shelter of ocean
after the clouds swallow up all the light
strong direct lines look up from the
oven which warms to end the hours sweetly
not one more thing to do quickly

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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