tasting final goodbye


those who see beneath the skin to the energies within know
all of life is lessons disguised as choices
should you ever want to let the universal answers out
take all those things you want to say and crush them
into the darkest corner of yourself for when you
need to be as vicious and aware of the weakness that
gets into the air if you show your growl to anyone out there
fear is only for those who cannot get over
intense things that have happened in life
none of my emotions will see the outside world until morning
attempting to change you is not going to happen
let the atmosphere grab on as I let go of
grinding down all the hope I have shown
only the future can see where it is leading me
on the horizon I realize hate is as common as
  dirty air and kindness is as uncommon as not bothered trees and of course
you know that the increase of the second will decrease the first,
every beautiful natural soul knows that


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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