decide unconventional

do not doubt how easy it can be
ending up just disappearing
can you believe that one day you are just gone
into the future and people wonder where you went
decide to move forward and
evoke the way that you really wish to be
unload all those past regrets and
needless worries about what
could go wrong and instead make it all go right for you
only so many ways that the sun can fall on you
none of the beauty can be seen by eyes that are closed
vital to being recharged is
each person who can give good energy and experiences
normal life is not what you wanted, so
test the borders and make attempts but have no regrets
if you don’t live to the fullest you won’t know what you are capable
of and then you may someday wonder what should’ve happened
now get out there and grab life hard
across the years and each moment that you want to
love what you do

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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