disappointment abuse

don’t have any way to explain
into a void of questions needing to know that
some of life is just there to make you wonder
about the little mysteries that hurt so
painfully, the desperate, needy,
perhaps even curiosity starved
ones who only accepting the truth they know
if any truth runs free outside of what they percieve
none of it is accepted and
these mids either rebel or just shut down
many of the answers that do not fit into
every neat little box that has an easy, identifyable explanation
nowadays we want pictures of ghosts or drawings of philosophies
the energies of the universe can not be so simply encompassed
as anyone aware knows of all the ambiguous stories
becoming mythologies in the course of history
unless you are there you don’t know what happened
suffering and love, death and betrayal,
each and every idea filtered through the unseen world

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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