stop painful conflict

Sorrow will not help us now, it is

Tearing apart our society when

Our own families can not count on

People who are supposed to help, that instead hurt,

Protecting the way that

Armies make peace by starting wars,

Instigating battles while justice sits blind,

Never judge a group by just one individual,

Figure out the past to heal the future,

Use this as a reason to try to come together and

Learn to find a way to counteract this hate,

Cope with what problems are being avoided

On the occasion that divisions start to break us,

Never forget that we are all in this together,

Face the fact that anger causes difficulty and doesn’t solve it,

Leaders who succeed know both sides of the fight

In time resulting in an understanding

Causing all races to be respected and law enforcement to be respected,

That will only happen when it is deserved

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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