connect the dots again

Coming in through the doors
Opening up a part of the mind never seen before
Nice as a captured pet when it is bath time
Needy as a thirsty friend coming in from the cold
Evidentially the real face is a lot like the true colors
Can you believe how easily I have fallen for
Temperamental emotional interconnected experiences
There is only so much you can do
Horrible weather cannot effect me any longer
Ending a good story is always going to happen
Dating to be the simple confident soul is quite unusual
Only the ability to breathe is all I need to stay here
Taking every moment as it comes like a rock in a storm
Showing your true facets
And denial is only going to get you so far
Glowing in the light of the shine of the sun
Across the air you can almost touch
Including the thoughts I feel
Never jump off a cliff without looking

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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