who could be here in these eyes?

why is life a raging river?
holding back a plant or rock from
overtly joining its parade,
can you hear the tick tick tick
of the clock that regenerates
us when a fear of success or death
leaves a chill in the back of the room
destined to flesh out the learning curve
blue eyes are sad in this night rain
even when it was sunny all day
hope still helps the flattered few who
evict another bright green fight of
rights that the flowers gave up on
easy argue and hard compassion moments
issued to a hopeful good team
not on the same side as we are
today we will connect again on a level
hot off the news-wire that bluffs
every time it seems to care
silent in the clouds that move
eager to play the game
evil rules even followed this time
yes it was a good comment
endings which we foresee
stopping us from shooting at stars

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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