a path and elevated rock

as the choices are made, evidence abounds
portrayed as the coin being flipped
and the two directions play opposite arguments
time has come to find out who you really are
hosting a collection of plates for this buffet
after a congress of opinions has assembled
noting the origion of your internal debate
during a few moments of mental processing
even the temperature, date, and time are forgotten
lifes decisions being most important this moment
evedentally things have charted a new course for now
virtual confesson which will complete a dimension
attempted to relocate without a way to find it
totally tortured by how this may end up concluding
end the list of reasons for or against something
dominions which have shown a new color in the sky
reflecting on the importance of each crossroads
outward calm while on the inside stormy waters
come into the residence of greater understanding
keep in mind you can be you own worst enemy

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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