is it?

such a force
but such a by way yeah
and we fell the same path out
of a few more madness’s fell and
don’t you
get out
the times I happened to make out the
washing rain and mellow fall
you have gone on our afterlife of
misty clouds and cold hindsight
I hope you had a good time when you went out and took a time off
how many days off do you want
and can you keep track of a good
night off if you really black out
and don’t remember
the actions of the entire night prior
to this?
that is the kind of stuff that makes all of
our past easily explainable
even if I do not want to except it
and who would want to?
ending the last night out is the way that we
had not planned it all along
so why would we start now
because the stars want me out there
more than you want me in here…

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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