right now is not today,
it is merely a measure of time,
a snapshot of a moment
in this voyage of a lifetime;
the direction we choose
and the events we see are not us,
just the interaction of our
energies in a flowing river of
infinity, where our inspiration and
destiny and determination swirl
about us and speak to other spirits
that all conflux, apex, a tiny river
universe, a water curve so
twisting; sometimes a
movie is an album, sometimes a song
is a movie, this existence of us
coming together is a forest,
the roots that intertwine are
unseen, the branches patterns that
redesign sky, and as you kiss
me…the water the sky the trees
this moment, everything fades to a
delicate touch and I feel that
I am known by you,
in this intimate transcendent
unusual dedication
of heart


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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