to think too long
too hard
the day can be wasted if I didn’t get out of my own brain
and go out and do
the action I said I would
five thousand seconds later the thought comes to me
and I jump off the cliff
scale down a grassy ledge
alternating between sliding and running and rolling
and I can see you at the bottom
where the sandy beach resides
but nothing will deter me
not a cut or a scrape or a lost hat or a torn shoe
because I see you there watching me
in my crazy journey down a
slanted field of mulch and grasses
dirt and dust flying up as I race down
because I see
how much it amazes you
I am willing to put my body though this
to be closer to you
and then I arrive
and our skin collides
all Hollywood style
and we embrace
and we kiss
as I look in your eyes we smile
then you laugh and I grin
because I am covered with
evidence of my journey
but we see across the beach
out to the sunset of a lifetime
why brush off the soot now
when we can just enjoy the moment


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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