song for M

there are only so many
ways to discover this location, and
your strong-headedness got you here;
so you had a chance to use your will, and
you well-muscled back was sore by
the time we finally got those oranges. A few
nights ago I was in the place I left some
writings on the wall in a corner where
I hoped you would see, because you can
decipher me. You have your own
drive and motivation in that growling
throat, just like I do. this life will
not break us. it seems that many
times the last mistake we made was the one
we think people remember; but when we are
able, we make the world perfect that they
live in. Without a seconds hesitation, I
say yes when you ask me a question. There
is a black bird on the porch, a blue sky
to greet me, and the perfect red that I see
when a judgment is made mentally;
you should really talk to me
now, because you should really talk
to yourself now.

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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