main street

So as I was
going to the outside where the rest
of the world was moving around,
I have a cup of tea with coffee in it, I
am in my car driving near a very busy
street with construction behind me
and only a few hundred cars moving
fast and all impatient, then a very covered
figure with an umbrella and pulling a
suitcase on wheels, decides, just sort of
spontaneously, to walk out into the road,
and each car brakes and waits as
the cars behind it do, too, and there is a
barely faster than slow sort of pace
to the rate of this persons crossing, and
there isn’t a stoplight or crosswalk near, but
no angry shouts or insistent honking
occurs, as if the struggle for this particular
individual to walk quickly is observable
to all, yet even as the other side draws
nearer to these two worn-down beat-up
shoes on shaky feet, an officer pulls his
car over just as the other sidewalk is
reached, and as much as there will be
a long and not very fun conversation
shortly coming, I swear I see a smile
on that face under the umbrella, because
there is a check on the rationale
after the kindness that was

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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