remember that?

our relationship is
fugacious and overwhelming,
a rollercoaster while blindfolded.
under the water is where the
tips of my toes were but you
don’t have to tell me, I need to warm
up for the hike back, and since this
is our last time together here, under
the mossy tree of awesomeness in the
forest of our little vacation,
now I can visit the rooftops
without you, leave my present to
our past, and lay on a cloud when
you put your legs on my lap, but don’t
bother to wait a year before you
pick up the phone and talk to me,
I am progressing, and I do
not stay like a dog might
do, I wander lightning, I drink
rain, I eat poison, I sleep
honey, I speak impressionism…
I correlate existences

About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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