then it has come to this
I might as well stay up all night to
appease myself by getting that little
half an hour and coffee then
disregard the day from this time
to the bit after I have crawled
into the covers while you slept
watched your every move then went to
a faraway place in your mind to pretend we
got along without anyone and had moments
you do know that this sound is my cracked
heart held together by glue and muck
pleasing itself by scheming up a way to get
just a bit more of your thoughtful aura
otherwise the escape of personal
company could drag down the sun for analysis
I stifle myself by avoiding all speaking confrontations
but we should talk about what you
and I want and need to have
not that I can stand the repercussive actions it
seems I create then desperately betray
fresh air is a good idea


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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