do you know what
you are doing to
the people who are close to you
or is this not even on purpose
and that would be worse
because I know that the
torture that can only be
is the exact kind that
you helped make for yourself
and you have not been destroyed
and you act like your last hurt is responsible for
all the bad actions that
you do over the course of a week
don’t get to have much of an effect
on the life you
pretend to have
buried at the house you supposedly call a home
but you don’t know what you are wasting
by having dead brain cells
tell you what to do
yet we are only as strong as
the moment demands
and you are as impressionable
as a young duckling
but the relief of a life of strained tension
is not ignoring it
and those that care can only have pain
pushed in their face
so many times
before the last night happens
and then you miss them and wonder why
you were treated so bad
before the downfall of pleasure
you have been giving yourself over
to the kind of living
that isn’t really a life
at all


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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