once there was a time when I
felt I needed to tell you
everything and let you know
how good and fun everything
had been to stay
and now I know the days
you wanted were not me
locked up in a cage it was
how all your life convinced you
to make things go away
you may minutely show me reasons
not to finish the bottle or
the next one or to get too wasted
and yet I will not have to worry
about who is glowering over your
shoulder on the dance floor or who
piss you off my talking to me
once more or if I am making food
if I am making too much or if I
stay up too late writing songs who are
they for or if a woman comes up to me
to talk like we did last time will it be
because she likes to look me in the eyes
or if I only need one day alone
would it make you want to kill
me ’cause I don’t pick up the phone


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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