cold endearing

who even are you really?
asking all the tough questions and difficulty is on your skin
you make it so easy to misunderstand you
and everyone is going to assume just like you do
all the days you sat and waited
can’t matter now that your time is fading
you see that sky?
it might as well be
a curtain over your head as you sit at home asleep
because you had to be that kind of mean to accept people as they really are
and it must be really nice to have
the medication that can pretend to fix
what made you give up on your whole
group of friends to begin with
and they must be so proud of you
to have moved on like you feel you have to
because the easiest thing to do
is to let someone effect your life like this
and therefore control you
I am so glad you moved on
I hope you are not making too many new acquaintances now
that you will just ignore later on
when you have
“moved on”


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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