I saw you

like a laminated letter, the

message was there but the

text was not clear, a mess of the ink

becoming lost in the meaning but

not a single word made clearer

in the ways that a person can see,

sometimes deep within a brain a

person can make more work than

could ever be accomplished by

the hands, you new I was here, here

for you even though you didn’t

know how much it was true, it

just took all your energy to keep on

getting up in the morning and now that

you were having a better job in the

evening a whole different world had

opened up its arms for you, and if

you knew when the champion of late

moon sparkle had planned to be here

then you would have acted differently,

but now it is just the final flow of an

overworked crew, ranch hands and

waitresses and bartenders and cooks,

with nothing better to do than collect

together, like leafs in a rain gutter,

and they wouldn’t believe the magic

if it walked up and asked for

the time


About jaybeasley2

a writer, a painter, a poet, a wordsmith
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